Developed for the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus RIFT, and Google Cardboard.

Latest version by device/platform:
Samsung Gear VR: 1.0c (Released March 24th, 2015) (Update pending)
Oculus RIFT: 1.1 (Updated October 3rd, 2015)
Google Cardboard: 1.0f (Released March 24th, 2015)

What is this?

Controls and Options

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Privacy Policy

What is this?

Mars Is A Real Place is a short slideshow of amazing Martian landscapes, in VR.

More than 50 high-resolution stereoscopic 3D images have been carefully hand-picked and presented for your viewing pleasure. Most of the slideshow is set to music, and comes with supporting information for those that want to delve a little deeper into each landscape.

Headphones are recommended.

I've done what I could to make all the controls self-explanatory inside of the program itself, but just in case:

Controls and Options (Gear VR):

Primary Controls:
  • Show / Hide supporting information:
    ---- [Tap touchpad] / [Left Mouse Button] / [Button 2]
  • Display the next image:
    ---- [Swipe down on touchpad] / [Button 1] / [Right Mouse Button] / Look at "Next Image"
  • Display the previous image:
    ---- [Swipe up on touchpad] / [Button 4] / Look at "Previous Image"
Miscellanous Controls:
  • Reset Orientation:
    ---- [Controller Start]

Controls and Options (Oculus Rift DK2):

Primary Controls:
  • Show / Hide supporting information:
    ---- [Enter] / [Ctrl] / [Button B] / [Left Mouse Button]
  • Display the next image:
    ---- [Spacebar] / [Down arrow key] / [Button A] / [Right Mouse Button] / Look at "Next Image"
  • Display the previous image:
    ---- [Up arrow key] / [Button Y] / Look at "Previous Image"
Miscellanous Controls:
  • Recenter HMD:
    ---- [F1] / [Controller Start]
  • Options & FPS:
    ---- [Esc] / [Controller Back]
  • Quit:
    ---- [Q]

Download Links:

Oculus RIFT: v1.1 is available at for $1.99 (USD):


Samsung Gear VR: v1.0c is available at the Oculus Store for $1.99 (USD).


Google Cardboard: v1.01 is available at Google Play for $1.99 (USD):



DrashVR LLC (support (at) drashvr (dot) com)

Music Credits:
"Crystals" by Eric Taylor
"Darkness" by Affordable Audio 4 Everyone
"Mars" by Gustav Holst, performed by the US Air Force Band
"Star Trails" courtesy of APM Music

Image Credits:
Cornell University
University of Arizona
Arizona State University
Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS)
Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)


Nothing to see here... yet!

Privacy Policy:

This program collects data from the user on all platforms:

What is collected:
  1. The app being played, and the app's version number.
  2. The operating system and operating system version number (e.g., Android OS 4.4.4).
  3. The name of the controller used, if any (e.g., Samsung Gamepad EI-GP20).
  4. The name of the device used (e.g., Note 4)
  5. The number of times the app has been played on that device.
  6. The duration of each playtime.
What is NOT collected:
  1. No user-identifiable information is collected.
  2. No IP address is collected.
  3. No device ID is collected.
How is this data collected:
  1. A lightweight encrypted data transmission at startup, if the internet is accessible.
  2. A lightweight encrypted data transmission when pausing/exiting the app, if the internet is accessible.
How is this data stored:
  1. All data is stored in a secure database that no one but DrashVR LLC has access to.
How will the data be used:
  1. All collected data will be used to gain visibility into how the app is played in order to improve it.
Who will be able to access this data:
  1. Only DrashVR LLC.
  2. There may be a time in the future when aggregate "big picture" statistics are published so that the VR community can benefit from it.